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Regenerative Workshop Series: Shiitake Logs


January 9, 2021


Workshop Description

Come learn how to inoculate your own shiitake logs with MushBarn at the HeartLand Collective, a beautiful 25 acre permaculture farm near MushBarn! You will get to know shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) and understand how to inoculate logs for multi-year perennial fruiting while bringing homegrown mushrooms into your kitchen. Together we will explore log selection, inoculation methods, and fruiting for shiitakes as well as regenerative mycological theory and the many ways we can integrate Fungi into our lives!

Workshop Includes

  • Entire take-home inoculated shiitake log

  • Information about log inoculation techniques

  • Shiitake benefits and uses

  • Overview of regenerative mycological theory

  • Sun-grown Mushroom Cultication overview by Stephanie 

  • All workshop materials

  • Mushroom Pizza 

  • Access to MushBarn products for 30% off for workshop participants! 

  • Access to Heartland Sauna and Cold Plunge! 


Stephanie Manara is a practicing regenerative mycologist and the founder of MushBarn. She began dedicating her life’s work to the fungal queendom ten years ago, on the search to discover soil sciences and the mysteries of where humans interface with the biosphere. The entirety of her current work is geared toward building MushBarn, an organization that aims to cultivate community in natural abundance, and facilitating a space to build relationships with our fungal kin with an emphasis on teaching, sharing, and producing applied mycology practices. She is also a visionary artist with a focus in illuminating earths mycelial layers to reveal more connection.