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Garden Giants Mushroom Block

$30.00 $25.00

Garden Giants aka Wine Caps aka King Stropharia (Stropharia rugoso-annulata) can be spread outside for inoculation to establish a perennial, culinary mushroom garden. These mushrooms can tolerate a wide range of temperatures (40-90 degrees F). 

Continue spreading the spores by taking a handful of colonized mushroom soil and expanding it to new areas of your garden! Just be sure never to expand more than 10% of its mass in one fruiting cycle, and cover any exposed mycelium backup with hydrated soil. The flavor is best when they’re younger; a mild flavor that fades with age. This vigorous, facultative mycorrhizal mushroom teaches us about finding balance - with water, air, and environmental organisms.

4.5lbs of Mushroom Block intended to be spread out in your garden! Expected yields are 10-20 lbs per sq yard, per flush of mushrooms, depending on the available moisture and nutrients present in the garden bed.

1-2 week lead time for shipments.

Please note: this item is only available for shipping in any of the 50 states.

See growing instructions HERE.

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