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Consultation with Stephanie, CEO & Director of Mycology


During your 60 minute consultation session, Stephanie will elucidate how her extensive expertise in the field of mycology can be leveraged to deliver tangible benefits to your business, with a particular focus on areas such as cultivation optimization, enhancement of farm operational efficiencies, rigorous quality control and compliance measures, development of strategic sales and marketing initiatives, and the creation of a distinctive brand identity.

Stephanie's profound understanding of mycological regulations and industry best practices is poised to guarantee that your products not only meet but exceed all requisite standards. This commitment to compliance not only ensures a heightened level of profitability but also underscores your commitment to environmental responsibility, while simultaneously expanding your product portfolio to meet evolving market demands. Together, you and Stephanie will embark on a journey to unveil the latent potential inherent in fungi, collaboratively crafting tailored solutions that will propel your business towards newfound success.

Furthermore, Stephanie will empower you with the tools necessary to effectively articulate your brand's narrative and value proposition to your target audience, thereby bringing your visionary mycological aspirations to fruition.

Should you possess specific scientific inquiries pertaining to aspects such as cultivation techniques, laboratory troubleshooting, farm design, or strategic business planning, Stephanie will gladly engage in an in-depth discussion during the consultation. To facilitate this process, we recommend preparing your questions in advance of the scheduled call.