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MushBarn FAQ

MushBarn FAQ

Fresh Mushrooms

Do you have you to cook mushrooms?

  • Yes, all mushrooms have chitin in their cell walls. Heat will break down the chitin and make the nutrients available to our bodies. Different cooking methods will achieve different flavors and textures. The simplest way to cook a mushroom is to sauté your mushrooms on medium-high heat with oil/butter/ghee and seasonings of your choosing!

Are all mushrooms you sell edible?

  • Technically, yes. All mushrooms sold at the Mush Barn are grown locally on our farm. Currently, reishi mushrooms are our only mushroom with no culinary value; however, it is potent in medicinal properties.

How do you clean and store your mushrooms when you get home?

  • To clean your mushrooms, gently pat down with a wet paper towel. We do NOT recommend washing your mushrooms as they will absorb the extra water. To store, we recommend keeping your mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator for up to a week.


Local Pick-Up Options

Where can I find your fresh local mushrooms?

  • Our fresh mushrooms are only sold locally in Nevada County, CA. The best way to ensure your weekly dose of fresh mushrooms is to sign-up for our weekly CSA pick-up. We also are at the Farmer's Market each weekend. To pick up at a grocery store, we deliver fresh mushrooms weekly to Liquid Gold Juicery, Natural Selection, and Briar Patch.

What is a CSA? How do I sign up?

  • CSA stands for community supported agriculture! It is a way small farms, like ourselves, are able to be supported monthly by our community. By signing up for a monthly subscription, we will prepare a box of fresh mushrooms for you each week! Our pick up locations are at our farm or at our main storefront at Liquid Gold Juicery.


Dry Products

How to use powders?

  • Add the recommended serving portion of our mushroom powder to any heated beverage, soup, or entrée for maximum bioavailability. The heat will break down the chitin in the mushroom cell walls to allow the nutrients, minerals, and medicinal properties to become bio-available for our consumption.

How long does the Earth Jerky last? Is it vegan/GF?

  • Unopened bags of our Earth Jerky will stay fresh for up to 6 months. Once opened, consume within 2 weeks. It is made with gluten-free and vegetarian ingredients, as there is currently honey used in our recipes.


Grow Kits

I lost the instructions for my 'Farm on Table' Grow Kit.

How do I inoculate Garden Giants into my garden and what are the benefits?

Do you have events to learn how to grow mushrooms?



How do I set up a recurring order of fresh mushrooms?

  • If you would like to set a recurring order, email us at, and ask for our product list with our wholesale pricing options. We will work with you to set up an account.