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Mushroom Sawdust Spawn



Mushroom spawn is the basis for growing and expanding your mushroom production! It is essentially any sort of material also known as substrate, on which the mycelial tissue of the fungi can grow on. Each Mushroom Spawn is fully colonized by a specialty mushroom mycelium and can be spread or inoculated into a new substrate to increase production potential. Spawn can come in different forms, depending on the substrate.

Packaged in a 4.5lbs bag

Sawdust spawn is the most common type of spawn and the preferred choice for many cultivators, especially for outdoor mushroom production. The small particle size and low nutrient density offer relatively fast inoculation rates and low contamination. It is great for log cultivation, however, is susceptible to drying out. 

 Shiitake Sawdust Spawn may take longer to be delivered due to extended production periods.