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Brain Power: Honey Dijon Earth Jerky


This super powered earth jerky is loaded up with extra medicinal mushrooms! On top of the oyster mushrooms our jerkies are made from, we’ve added cordyceps & lions mane powders for your neurological support. Our Honey Dijon flavor is delightfully sweet with a little kick from the black pepper. We load you up with turmeric in this jerky to help bring down any inflammation while you munch on this healthy snack. 

All of our earth jerky is made with oyster mushrooms. These medicinal mushrooms create a delightful jerky feel/texture with a mild flavor, perfect for soaking up the delicious marinades. We use a variety of oysters for each jerky including blues, pearls, elms, phoenix, and black trumpets. No 2 bites are the same! But we assure you they’re all tasty morsels that will boost your body and mind! We brew small batches of jerky fresh from our greenhouses straight to you.